Logo StewStew·ART is a Dubai-based shutterbug with a huge appetite for photography. His affair with capturing images began the moment he touched a camera. This hobby turned into passion when he began to see his surroundings with a bit more than interest. He captures life and color.

He managed to jumpstart his love for photography by self-studying and learning techniques from his friends that share the same heart for capturing imageries. Stew·ART’s photography might best be described as candid and natural. His shooting style is low profile and candid. Every moment has enough stories to tell. He prefers stolen shots to take raw emotions. Stew·ART wants to capture reality mixed with art. It’s not just photos for albums but moments that will lasts for the days that come after.

What sets Stew·ART apart is the simplicity of his style. His creative mind is the main tool for his artworks. He usually considers what his subjects like for a theme or concept and from there he will begin to play with colors and emotions. Photos are translation of what the subject really is. He has taken to heart the rule of photography – it is all about the subject. For starters he experiments with candid and posed shots, and has captured subjects from prenuptial to wedding, from portrait to landscape. Photography is constant change so Stew·ART is always on the lookout for new inspiration. Share your ideas. He will love to hear from you.

Everything you see here is more than just a visual experience.

Leave you comments about my page and my photos.


My personal page Stew photoblography

– mary

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